The florence room

Located in the historic village of flint hill

near the village of little washington

A modern salon

In homage to the city of my heart—Florence, Italy—the birthplace of the Renaissance and where I studied as a young artist, I call my studio and gallery The Florence Room.  It is my hope that this room will become not just the place where I create and sell my work, but also a modern salon of ideas similar to the Parisian salons of the early 18th century.  These salons, often led by charismatic women, became lightning fields from which women began to influence a male saturated society. Women hosted the salons, curated the discussions, and became the souls of these artistic think tanks. In this spirit, I dedicate The Florence Room as a place where human inspiration and divine genius may combine powerfully through the discipline of artistic endeavor and in which the creatives of my community (locally and globally) may collaborate for the sake of moving humanity forward.

607 Zachary Taylor Hwy,
Flint Hill, VA 22627

By appointment only.
Text or call (202)455-8080